November 2017 - The Stand web series begins production in Burbank with Kat as the love interest, Sheila Winchester.

October 2017 - Kat vs. Alison was featured at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival.

September 2017 - Kramer vs. Kramer reboot shot in Westchester, CA with Kat as Joanna.

August 2017 - Kat vs. Alison was an official selection at the Movies4Movies festival in New York.

June 2017 - Kat as film legend Mary Astor in "Hollywood Diary" at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Runs June 12-25th.  

April 2017 - Kat vs. Alison an official selection at Silicon Beach Film Festival on April 23rd at 10pm.  

October 2016 - Kat vs. Alison - Episodes 1 & 2 - Killer Twins screened at Web Series Unplugged in Los Angeles.

October 2016 - In post-production, the short film Hollywood Hotel Room, in which Kat portrays a very posh Lady Evans.

September 2016 - Kat vs. Alison - Episodes 1 & 2 - Killer Twins! will be screened in Playa Del Rey, CA on September 3rd!  Kat plays "Kat", an impoverished yet over-employed rapidly aging actress that is still trying to make her career happen, mostly through voodoo, force of will, and by sabotaging the career of her competition, namely "Alison," a new-age hippie with a trust fund and a studio exec daddy.  katvsalison.com 

September 2016 - Kat portrays Claribel Cone in the film "Prudencia" filmed in September 2016 in Hollywood.


"…daughter Hypatia (with hypnotic blue eyes that can look smug, impish, seductive or anything else they want to) admits she'd like more…Brower's Hypatia keeps you guessing—is she an overspoiled brat or a liberated woman?—in a good way.” – Metroactive – Marianne Messina

“The less-than-wonderful characters are still marked by great performances...The performance by Kathleen Brower easily fills us in on her transformation from plain peasant girl to the pinnacle of upper-class obnoxiousness.  There were audible sighs of disgust from the audience whenever she appeared on stage after intermission, which is always a good sign that an actress is doing her job.” – Daily Actor – Chris McKittrick

“Kathleen Brower is
suitably wicked as Natasha.” – Cultural Capitol

“... Kat Brower is a vivid presence  in all her various roles, particularly as Johanna, a faux Vanderbilt who explains that “I was married to one of them for about 8 hours, and I kept the name.” – Stage Raw – Neal Weaver

People You Should Know by Zack Calhoun  
Cast Interview – Three Sisters

Kat Vs. Alison, Kat Brower