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Kat Brower


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Web Series • 9 min 24 sec • Comedy
Completed Sep 2016


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Twitter: @KatVsAlison

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Log Line

Kat and Alison look alike, but that's pretty much all they have in common...except for their hate for each other.

Women, Comedy, Mock after-school specials/movies of the week

“Kat Vs. Alison” revolves around two actresses - opposite in every way except for in their “look,” who are constantly in competition for the same roles. The episodes follow the two actresses through several casting and production adventures, and each episode is shot in the style of the subject matter that inspired it. The first two episodes are inspired by Pop-Up Video, Blind Date and Lifetime Original Movies. The series is filled out with episodes inspired by Tarantino, Wes Andersen, and cult documentaries. The result is a comical competition composed of underhanded tactics, blatant sabotage and physical violence between the two. It is a singularly hilarious portrait of the contentious relationship between these two women and ultimately between people and the often exaggerated image of success and happiness that they struggle to project.


Kat Brower

Kat Brower, co-writer, co-producer and co-star, is an award-winning actress who has worked on television programs for NBC Universal, Biography Channel, MTV, USA Network and FX. She has performed in over 50 professional stage productions in NYC, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles and has been in several independent films (among them Home Sweet Hoboken featuring Ben Gazzara and Elizabeth Ashley and alongside TV stars John Shea and Randy Harrison in Julius Caesar.) 

“Like my character, I am a recovering goth girl, have had multiple ridiculous survival jobs, and drink too much coffee. I understand the struggles that an actress can go through both financially and emotionally, and how anxious the industry is to put you into a type, regardless of how many multitudes you contain as a human. Kat and Alison are not even remotely alike as people, but they look the same, and that is the most important thing to everyone they encounter. Shakespearean mistaken identity antics always crack me up. ” – Kat Brower

Kaidan Tremain

Director Kaidan Tremain recently graduated from USC receiving his MFA from the School of Cinematic Arts. Growing up in the Bay Area helped to shape his artistic sensibilities, gaining a penchant for horror, drama, dark comedy, and magical realism. He has worked as a director, cameraman, colorist, and creative consultant for a myriad of short films, music videos, and documentaries. He was approached by the creators to direct the first two episodes and his background with dark comedy and commercial content lent itself to the vision of the project. His creative input quickly became essential to the entire series. When he isn’t working on Kat Vs. Alison, he shoots commercials while concurrently co-producing a documentary on Christopher Hitchens and developing an original horror series. 

Alison Stolpa

“Contrary to the smugly New Age character I portray on screen, my idea of "self help" and "lifestyle blogging" mostly means drinking copious amounts of champagne at LA post-punk/noise concerts and then taking ironic photos.” - says Alison Stolpa, co-writer, co-producer and co-star of Kat Vs. Alison. 

Alison’s credits include numerous web series, a sit-com pilot, stand-up comedy and several professional theatrical productions. In addition to being a talented comedic actress, she is also in a post-punk band and has avoided the need for survival jobs by getting paid to write. 

Kat Vs. Alison, Kat Brower